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Antisepation B-Kleer Reprev Fuel Emunition
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Questions about becoming a FabSkin247.com consultant? Feel free to contact us: Info@FabSkin247.com -or- Call us at: 713-771-5018
Q. When do I get paid?
  • 1. If you are selling product from your own personal inventory, you will need to charge the current retail pricing + applicable sales tax. You have paid for the inventory at your discount level so the difference, your profit, is yours immediately
  • 2. When an order is placed through your website, it is paid to us directly. We process checks for the difference for the retail price less 50%. These will run approximately the 20th of each month.
Q. What is personal volume?
A. This is product sales volume on each order less any discounts, shipping fees and sales tax.
Q. Does FabSkin247 advertise?
A. We do advertise within the realm of social media. We also spend a great deal of time and money with Search Engine Optimization so that our websites can grow organically.
Q. Do I need to notify you in writing if I choose to discontinue using the FabSkin247 site?
A. Yes, you can discontinue using the FabSkin247.com site at any time by notifying us in writing of your desire to stop. However, there are no refunds or proration for the unused time if applicant resigns prior to the 12 month agreement.
Q. How are shipping fees computed?
A. We ship via Fed Ex for the vast majority of our orders that go out. We prefer not to use the U.S. Postal Service. We send all packages via ground service. Overnight special delivery is available upon request.
Q. How helpful is the Fed Ex map?
A. Utilize it! It shows the shipping days to more than 90% of the country via standard ground transportation. Most packages arrive within 3 days if shipped in the US.
Q. Do you offer training on your products?
A. Yes. We supply training that covers products and product specification sheets.
Q. Do I have to attend weekly meetings?
A. No. There are no meetings that you have to attend.